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The last working lineup of the band Tony and the Torpedoes was:


Tony Uribe - Vocals & Guitar (Arizona Blues Hall Of Fame member)

Marx B. Loeb III - Drums (Arizona Blues Hall Of Fame member)

Nick Augustine - Bass (Arizona Blues Hall Of Fame member)

Heather "Lil' Mama" Hardy - Vocals & Violin (Arizona Blues Hall Of Fame member)

Chris Leonard - Guitar (Arizona Blues Hall Of Fame member).

December 3, 2021

Tony and the Torpedoes were officially inducted into the Arizona Blues Hall Of Fame as a band.

Past members of the Torpedoes over an 18-year period:

Barry “Honeyboy” Stillwagon
Larry Lee Lerma
Danny Krieger
Ed DeLucia
Michael P. Nordberg
John Turi
Larry Diehl
Jerome Kimsey
Steve Grams
Anna Warr
Deacon Bunnell

Mike Blommer
Glenn Velardi
Jeff Sipe
Gary Mackender
Rob Francis
Carla Brownlee
Chris Afful
Steve Nelson
Rey Vasquez
Bryan Dean
Gillian De Lear
Patrick Skog
Mike Hebert
Robin Horn
And most of all Richard Gomez

Location: Tucson Arizona USA

About us...

Tony Uribe had been playing guitar for a lot of Tucson bands over the years, but he wanted to lead his own group. He wasn't unhappy with his previous work. He just wanted to hear his own version of the music he loved, the blues. In the summer of 1995, Tony started up the Torpedoes. Over the last twelve years, he's had a number of stellar Tucson players do "Torpedo duty", but there's always been a core sound. It's direct and heartfelt, soulful with a groove you could drive a truck through. The Torpedoes have developed a very loyal following, not to mention a lot of musicians who stop by to sit in. We're definitely a musician's band. Even with the basic line-up of current Torpedoes, we also have a pool of players who come in to add their creativity--their soul--their sound-- to ours. Hell, on any given night you might see two or three extra Torpedoes! The group's founder and leader, Tony was born in Ajo, Arizona in 1955. Tony's been playing guitar for 45 years. He loves both the classic and contemporary blues masters equally and he's ingenious in his interpretation of the Blues' rich history. His voice and guitar speak a language everyone can understand. Tony's opened for Albert Collins, Koko Taylor, Son Seals, Otis Rush, Mose Allison, John Lee Hooker, Carey Bell, and Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters-to name a few. He's backed up Homesick James, Sam Taylor, Willie Jaye "The Texas Hurricane", Zora Young, Raful Neal and Raful's daughter, Jackie Neal. And that's just a sample. Local Tucson groups Tony's been with (pre-Torpedoes) include The Highbeam Blues Band, George Howard and the Roadhouse Hounds, The Bluelight Blues Band, The Bad News Blues Band, the Full Moon Blues Band. Most of all Tony's proud of the fact that he jammed and became friends with Albert Collins. He's also jammed onstage with Smokin' Ronnie Earl and Kenny Neal. Tony was inducted into the Arizona Blues Hall Of Fame in October of 1999. In February of 2007 Tony joined the live musicians of Second Life and is having just a wonderful time playing in this virtual world. His alter ego there is Tone Uriza where he now performs live to a very diverse virtual audience when he's not playing in his first life. But whether it's real or virtual, Tony just loves to play the blues.


Here's what my favorite blues DJ, Marty Kool has to say about Tony & The Torpedoes!

“When I think of the great bluesmen like Albert Collins, Albert King, Freddy King, Muddy Waters, B.B. King, and so many more, I notice a recurring theme. Along with endless creativity and musical talent comes the fact that they play the blues because they “gotta”. Like John Lee Hooker says, “It’s in ‘im, and it’s gotta come out”. That’s the sign of the genuine article. Tony Uribe falls into this category. The feeling he projects through his soulful singing and tasteful guitar work is completely sincere. Tony takes his music seriously. Every note is honest and heartfelt, burning with passion. This is contemporary blues, built on a foundation of respect for tradition. On this foundation, and out of this respect, Tony has developed a style all his own: a style with style. I mean style like a ’58 Buick ragtop has style. That’s class!


   Whether it’s lowdown, or uptown, Tony and band aim the beat at your feet. When they take the stage, dance floors fill up. They don’t just dance where he plays; they follow him wherever he plays. This is “feel good” music. When the band feels good, the crowd feels good. And his band always feels good. Tony’s conduct as a gentleman of the blues, his gracious invitations to young up and coming musicians to sit in, and his commitment to quality have garnered him the respect of his contemporaries, too. He’s shared the stage with bluesmen as diverse as Homesick James and Ronnie Earl, while the area’s top musicians jump at the chance to fill in whenever the opportunity arises.” – Marty Kool  (DJ host of the Saturday evening Blues Review every week from 6 to 9 pm on Tucson’s KXCI 91.3 FM Community Radio.)

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